Bachelor of Science in Business

Business majors, whether pursuing general business or sports administration, will experience a program designed to provide students with foundational knowledge required to operate in an ever-changing marketplace. The business internship offers students a supervised practical experience that relates to their field of study while obtaining course credit. This allows students to apply knowledge and skills acquired in their academic program to practical on-the-job situations. This process enhances learning and prepares students for careers in all types of organizations and/or successful entrance to graduate school.

Students with a major in business with an emphasis in sports administration must complete the sports administration core course requirements. These specialized courses help to prepare students for a career in this exciting and growing field.


Students may declare a business major upon admission to Presentation College. New students admitted on probation may declare a business major, but will not be admitted to the program until they have completed the Success Academy requirements.

A growth plan will be developed for business students who fail to maintain a minimum cumulative 2.50 GPA in their business courses in any given semester. This signed growth plan will be provided to the students as well as copied in their official academic file. This growth plan will address:

  1. The process the students will take to increase their GPA to meet graduation requirements.
  2. The length of time the student has to increase their GPA to meet graduation requirements.


A Bachelor of Science degree in Business or Business – Sports Administration is granted by Presentation College to those candidates who have completed the 120-credit requirement as described in the curriculum plan and who have met all degree requirements of Presentation College. Students must also:

  1. Achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00
  2. Achieve a 2.50 GPA for all business courses (Business courses are those with prefixes BU, BSA, CS or EC)
  3. Take the Comprehensive Business Examination (CBE) offered at the Presentation College Career and Learning Center