Administration and Staff

Albrecht, Chelsey
Head Volleyball Coach; Senior Women's Administrator
Anderson, Zachary
Accounting Coordinator - Student Accounts
Bauer, Stacy
Executive Assistant to the President
Beckham, Tim
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Belgarde, David
Director of Information Systems
Berg, Janelle
Athletic Trainer
Bible, Tennille
Associate Registrar
Boyd, James
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Brockel, Amber
Associate Director of Financial Aid
Bunke, Sasha
Administrative Assistant, PC Virtual Nursing
Christiansen, Rebecca
Director of Counseling and Student Health Services
Christianson, Krista
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs
Dahl, Michael
Head Men's Baseball Coach
Dannenbring, Angela
Director of Development
Davies, Deb
Admissions Counselor
Donelan, Sr. Pam
Executive Director for Mission
Duin, Dr. Diane

Vice President for Academics
Duval, Regina
Director of Student Success
Erickson, Jennifer
Graphic Designer
Fair, Amanda
Accounts Payable/Payroll Accountant
Franson, Chad
Help Desk Support Technician
Freitag, Joanne
Director of Library Services
Garofalo, Teresa
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement
Gierach, Beth
Interim Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing
Giovannini, Erin
Special Assistant for Project Development/Wein Gallery Coordinator
Gordon, Lance
Head Women's Soccer Coach
Goslinga, Rachel
Sports Information Director/Facilities
Hagen, Rachel
Director of Financial Aid
Hansen, Andrew
Marketing and Advertising Coordinator
Hansen, Stephanie
Director of Faculty Development and Educational Technology
Heidelberger, Corey
Assistant Educational Technologist
Heidenreich, Lindsey
Transfer Evaluator
Hermansen, Angela
Academic Advisor, Nursing Completion Program
Herron, Lori
Administrative Coordinator, Alumni Office/Institutional Advancement
Hinrichs, Crys

Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Academics
Hobbs, Paytton
Assistant Football Coach
Huber, Dr. Margaret
Jordan, Mari
Head Women's Softball Coach
Kampa, Terrance
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Klipfel, India
Associate Director of Admissions Operation
Ko, Victor
Senior Accountant (Payroll)/Online Bookstore Supervisor
Kunzman, Jory
Coordinator of Student Activities
Lueck, Travis
Assistant Football Coach
Maier, Karen
Technical Services, Library
Malolo, Semisi
Coordinator of Student Housing
McDermott, Sophia
Director, Career and Learning Center
Miesbauer, Chuck
Head Football Coach
Mitchell, Emily
Moss, Beth
Admissions Counselor
Mounga, DJ
Director of Student Life
Mudd, Blake
Assistant Football Coach
Nelson, Eric
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Northey, Andrea
Administrative Assistant, Health & Natural Science and
Social Science & Humanities
Pettigrew, Dr. Jason
Director of Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator
Reigle, Jeremy
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Rogosheske, Megan
Campus Coordinator, Presentation-Fairmont Campus
Schuchardt, Bob
Vice President for Student Affairs
Schuchardt, Maureen
Scott, Heather
Assistant Vice President for Academics
Sheehan, Fr. Joseph
Spindler, Blake
Director of Athletic Training Services
Stocklin, Dr. Christopher
Vice President for Finance
Strickland, Ryan
Admissions Counselor
Swanson, Leah
Saints Stop Retail Sales and Payroll Coordinator
Swenson, Hayley
Assistant Volleyball Coach/Wellness Center Coordinator
Swenson, Lindsey
Director of Campus Ministry
Thompson, Jennie
Financial Aid Counselor
Titus, Travis
Assistant Football Coach
Vander Hoek, Dr. Nancy
Assessment Coordinator
Volk, Nicole
Academic Advisor, Division of Nursing
Waldman, Trisha
Associate Dean, Division of Health & Natural Science
Welling, Dr. Sandra
Dean, Division of Nursing
Whitlock, Dr. John
Dean, Division of Social Science & Humanities
Williams, Lisa
Administrative Assistant, Division of Nursing
Woell, Jonaathan
Help Desk Support Technician
Wu, Dr. Shuqi
Director of Institutional Research
Young, Jill
Administrative Assistant, Admissions