Division of Health & Natural Science

The Division of Health and Natural Science provides hands-on, student-centered learning environments designed to assist students in reaching their academic goals. The Division offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Athletic Training, Biology, Exercise Science, Healthcare Administration, Health Science, and Radiologic Technology, as well as Associate of Science degree programs in Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Healthcare Administration, and Radiologic Technology. The Athletic Training and Radiologic Technology programs are accredited by their respective professional accrediting agencies. Successful completion of academic programs will allow graduates to take the national certifying examination within the discipline.

Admission/Progression:  The Division of Health and Natural Science accepts students into the division who meet the College's and specific programs' admission criteria. Most students will then apply for acceptance into a specific program based on program progression standards. These students will be evaluated according to the specific program's admission criteria. Note: many programs have a limited capacity; early application is advised.

Readmission to Programs:  The Division of Health and Natural Science will evaluate all applications for readmission into an academic program. The Department acknowledges the responsibility of readmitting only those students who, in the judgment of the faculty, satisfy the requirements of scholarship, health and professional suitability to the applicable discipline; however, the Division encourages application for program readmission. Students will still be held to program admission standards and must follow any specific program guidelines for readmission.

Confidentiality is required of all students in Health and Natural Science programs. Any breach of confidentiality may result in division dismissal.