Division of Social Science & Humanities

The ultimate goal of the Division of Social Science and Humanities is to provide students with a solid academic foundation upon which to pursue lifelong learning and build successful lives and careers. To that end the Division encompasses a wide variety of programs of study including business, communication, criminal justice, human services, psychology, and humanities. In addition, courses are offered in the general education areas of English, literature, and writing. In the majority of degree programs, the Division is "interdisciplinary" by its very nature in combining the "best" of what the disciplines offer for student success.

The Division of Social Science and Humanities offers both Bachelor and Associate degrees. Bachelor of Science degrees are offered in Business, Communication, Criminal Justice, Human Resource Management, Human Services, Interdisciplinary Studies, Organizational Management and Leadership, Psychology, and Sport and Event Management. Associate degrees are offered in most of these program areas as well. In addition to its degree programs, the Division offers several minors for its own majors as well as for other baccalaureate programs. Students should consider a minor area of study as a means to complement their major program and/or to develop expertise in an additional area of study.