Presentation is known for its distinctive and outstanding academics, focusing on health and medical-related programs, professional staff and faculty, and individualized learning. The academic programs include classroom work and on-the-job experience gained through internships, externships, or supervised clinical practice.

Students will find a friendly and caring institution of higher learning. From the College president to faculty members and staff, it is everyone’s goal to make the experience at Presentation College the best possible. Presentation College offers a dynamic and challenging atmosphere that fosters learning and growth at many levels: intellectual, personal, professional, and spiritual.

No student is denied admission to the College on the basis of gender, race, age, religion, marital or veteran status, national or ethnic origin, or disability. However, admission may be denied or withdrawn if admission requirements are not met, if false information is knowingly submitted, or if facts requested in the application process are intentionally concealed or withheld.